The name Ahwatukee is possibly from the Crow words awe chuuke, which translate into “land on the other side of the hill” or “land in the next valley”. Ahwatukee is the most southern urban village of Phoenix and is also affectionately known as “The Nice Side of the Hill”. Its prime location nestled up against South Mountain and South Mountain Park makes Ahwatukee more than nice – it’s beautiful!

Although zoned as a part of Phoenix, there is a distinct ‘otherness’ about Ahwatukee. Residents know that the convenience of big city living is near enough when needed but they find comfort in living in this close knit, friendly community. They know that they live in an area that is unique in its splendid geography and quirky history.

Ahwatukee offers a lifestyle unparalleled in the Phoenix area. Imagine living right next to South Mountain, which is the world’s largest municipal park with miles and miles of hiking trails. Imagine that crisp mountain air and those endless vistas of blue desert sky. It doesn’t get more outdoorsy than Ahwatukee. In addition to those natural offerings, Ahwatukee also offers an ideal lifestyle for families. It has great schools that are part of the Kyrene School district. In addition, the crime rate in Ahwatukee is very low and thus provides a safe place for families to live in. And don’t forget that this is a friendly, neighborly place.

So, what is the vibe of Ahwatukee? Think safe, community-based living in a stunning natural setting. Live Your Vibe in Ahwatukee!

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